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Who are we?

Ski Guru is a community where skiers can share information on ski resorts that they have visited, and learn about others' experiences to help them choose the resort that best meets their criteria.

There will be NO ADVERTISING on Ski Guru. Ski experts in different fields can share information to help you make the right choices for every step of your ski experience. What you will NOT find are banners here and there, advertising on cars and what not with no relation to ski at all. You are here to for the ski, we will make sure that it is exactly and only what you'll get.

You will find interesting ski related information on Ski Guru. The latest from the resorts, tips for making your experience more enjoyable, advice on different aspects of your trip, engineers telling you about the ski infrastructures….You need specific information that you cannot find? Let us know, and we'll get in touch with those who can help and get back to you.

Ski Guru was created by a passionate ski professional to allow first-hand experience sharing by skiers and bridge the gap between skiers and ski resorts. You can find authentic reviews on Ski Guru about French ski resorts. How? Ski Guru works with ski resorts who ask their clients to publish their reviews on Ski Guru. By this method, it ensures that real clients give their real reviews.

Let's say you have been to a ski resort but you haven't subscribed to any date base, you want to share your review anyway? You can still do it, but your review will not have the certification sign that reviews coming from resorts will have. In the coming seasons you will be able to authenticate your review after giving it and upgrade your reviews to certified status.

Ski Guru provides more than just a review, you can rate all the different elements that make up your ski experience, and we will display them for others to see: the ski was great but the restaurants not so much? It was difficult to get there but pedestrian organization great in the resort? Let others know, and you will benefit from their experiences as well.

What makes Ski Guru special is the access it gives to ski resorts to interact with you. In the unique model of Ski Guru, the ski resorts are active members of our network. They can read and reply to your reviews, give you pertinent information on their resort and the novelties that they propose. Be assured, they cannot modify your reviews or erase them, and reviews will be always be displayed in the order of arrival to ensure our transparency engagement.

Our engagements:

  1. Transparency: You will see the reviews of other skiers, without any moderation or alteration. We will identify for you the “certified” reviews of those whom we know to have been at the resort. We believe in freedom so anybody can write a review, but we will make it clear to you if we cannot know for sure that they have been to the resort in question.
  2. Collaboration: We are one big community; skiers, resort managers, ski experts and others who strive to make sure that you get the best ski experience possible. We are here to connect, and make you connect: With other skiers to share, with ski resorts to improve their offers for you, with experts to give you tips… You can count on us!
  3. Clients first: Ski Guru was created to make YOUR experience better. Your happiness is our first and foremost preoccupation. That is the reason we create connections, that is the reason we pledge transparency as an oath. We are there to help you choose so that your holidays are the best you can get.