Easy to install and set up (both with Android and IOS), YUGE will quickly become your mastermind if you are staying in La Plagne or Les Arcs/ Peisey Vallandry for ski or summer holidays. Before reaching your destination, grab some useful information from the app: weather forecasts, live webcam, and activities to accommodate your cravings – all according to your app profile. A smart way to daydream before holidays kick off, all the more when the meeting you are attending is, let’s say – a bit boring.

You just cannot beat it: YUGE also has a photo feature embedded and shared with several photo spots disseminated on Les Arcs / Peisey Vallandry and La Plagne slopes. Pair the app with your ski pass et voilà! Put your best smile on, or try your wildest ski trick in front of the YUGE photo spot and get the pictures for free in your smartphone – check the YUGE media gallery. YUGE is your best mate when it comes to taking selfies and building your holidays memories – no more fear to drop your smartphone in the snow or ruin your best shot with gloved-fingers on the lens!

Get Alain’s insider tip: meet YUGE’s fun photo spots affixed up on the Pré Saint Esprit, Les Colosses et Le Becoin chairlifts.(Someone asked “who is Alain?” He is that skier you met earlier in the queue for the Pré Saint Esprit chairlift – he is the one who encouraged you to explore the YUGE photo feature! “this YUGE app is top-notch: it helped me rediscover one of my favourite ski resorts with adapted  routes depending on the level of my fellow skiers, and I also really enjoyed the fun photo stuff”.

All your pictures are available from your YUGE photo gallery – browse them before choosing the best ones and send them to your colleagues who are stuck in office. Too bad they will unfriend you, but you could not resist!


Come on Alain, give us your best smile!