Don’t look for a newly released Sci-Fi blockbusterbehind what apparently sounds like a nickname actually lays the legendary 1962 built ski lift that connects Solaise and Iseran areas in Val d’Isere. And the good news is you can enjoy it right now yes, this very 2018-2019 winter!

Sometimes, skiing could almost feel awkward: upward, downward  again and again. Doesn’t this commuting feel a bit… Boring? Hop on and head to Solaise area in Val d’Isère, far away from any skiing routine (honest disclaimer: skiing is nothing but a blessing, right?)

Roller coaster experience

You had heard it through the grapevine, yet it almost sounded like a myth: no-one, you included, had ever experienced the TK 3000 since 2011. Indeed, the lift was under maintenance. To pass the Leissières ridge and head to Solaise or Iseran, the Leissières Express chairlift currently operates the liaison. What makes this ride an experience is the exact moment when the chairlift passes over the Leissières ridge (both ways, from and to Solaise and Iseran, which is pretty unique) with an impressive roller coaster feeling – be prepared!


TK 3000 and adrenaline shot

Yes, your eyes are shining with excitement as your read along those lines, so keep on! The legendary TK 3000 (reaching a 2960m height) has been famous for its neighbouring tunnel and steep slope  when renovating the equipment, Val d’Isère made sure those two unique features were preserved. A legend is a legend.

Indeed, only experienced skiers can enjoy TK 3000’s steep slope without a blink. Then again, the ski lift crosses over the Leissières ridge with a roller coaster (butterflies in the stomach included) feeling that built its legend. As we said: a legend is a legend.

Last but not least, the close by tunnel connecting the Fornet area has been rehabilitated too and premieres this 2018-2019 winter. Fear no extreme weather conditions or fierce winds blowing around this area thanks to the tunnel (“high in emotions”, didn’t we say?)

-  Another great way to further explore the breath-taking Val d’Isère territory.

The incredible playground

Whether you prefer Bellevarde, Solaise or Iseran, Val d’Isère is the land of plenty. Bellevarde is the place to unleash your skier spirit and power: your talent unfolds on the legendary Face slope – ski legends were born here. Is slalom your favorite? The Oreiller-Killy slope is the place to ski (and your technique will

be put under scrutiny). None of the above? Your aficionado spirit and your personal skiing style are welcome on Bellevarde  you will love it.

Solaise has this laid-back and free spirit that appeals to all skiers who want to fully enjoy the ride with accessible slopes. Cherry on the cake, try the Arcelle slope – the red queen of the hood. Daredevils will even try the TK 3000.

The wilder Iseran area reveals its hidden beauties to those who wander till Fornet, dubbed after its gondola located on its bottom side. A real treat for those who enjoy wild and virgin territories, up to the Glacier.

Val d’Isère’s grand opening is on November 24 th . Let’s meet up there!